Bruins Fan Gently Pushes a Guy Over a Rows of Seats in Anaheim (Video)

Bruins fan

It’s unclear if this Bruins fan was belligerent towards another attendee because the other dude was a Ducks fan, or if the Bruins fan in question was just a jerk. Likely both. But as Monday’s game between the two teams ended in a 3-2 Ducks win, some guy in a Ray Borque jersey wouldn’t let things go as he slapped another guy on the face as they both talked smack back and forth.

Then there’s the cameraman, who’s laughing his ass off.  That makes me think the guy had his phone out ready to record, which also makes me think that this was planned from the very beginning.

As the recipient of the abuse stood there, seemingly taking it, he gets pushed by the Bruins fan over a row of seats, spilling his beer everywhere.  The cameraman thinks this is the funniest thing he’s ever seen.

Judge for yourself:

I kinda feel bad for the pushee and hate the pusher here, but it’s just as likely that the guy being pushed was a little drunk and running his mouth.  His balance doesn’t seem to be the best as he tries to weather a gentle shove from his assailant.

Go Bruins?

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