Deportivo Fan Dead After Being Throw Into River During Riot (Graphic Video)

Deportivo fan dead

On Sunday, a riot between two rival factions prior to a La Liga match ended with a Deportivo fan dead after being beaten and thrown in a freezing cold river on Sunday outside of Atletico’s Vincent Calderon Stadium in Madrid. The 43 year-old fan was initially hospitalized with hypothermia, cardiac arrest, and head injuries according to The Guardianbut died that afternoon from his injuries when medical staff were unable to revive him.

While details are still coming to light, what is known is that over 20 were arrested and it’s estimated that over 100 participants have been identified in a clash outside the stadium at about 9 AM before the match started. The identifications are largely thanks to the numerous video accounts of the violence.

The events that left the Deportivo fan dead almost caused the cancellation of the game, but LFP officials couldn’t get in touch with Spanish Football Federation officials in time to do so, and it’s possible that canceling the match would have just caused more violence.

Here are three video accounts of the incident, including some grainy footage of the man being thrown/dropped into the river:

Here’s a longer clip from that same camera without the watermark:

And here’s footage of the authorities fishing the man out of the river. Pretty terrible stuff:

In the fallout from the incident that left the Deportivo fan dead, La Liga officials are saying that this has “nothing to do with football,” and the men identified as club members have been quickly expelled. I’m sure more harsh punishments are on the way for those proven to have a hand in the violence.  Let’s hope that happens sooner rather than later, because people like this certainly don’t deserve to be walking freely among society.

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