This Kemba Walker Crossover Forces Nikola Mirotic to Take a Seat (Video and Tweet)

Kemba Walker crossover

This isn’t the first time this season we’ve come across a killer Kemba Walker crossover. And it’s probably not the last. But given the circumstances, it might just be the best.

Last night, the Hornets hosted the Bulls. And during that contest, we were treated to a Kemba Walker crossover that left Nikola Mirotic on the ground, a three-pointer falling through the net, and Michael Jordan laughing.

Does it get much better than that? Eh, maybe a last minute clutch shot by Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry, but that’s about it.

This is pretty good. Watch the crime firsthand:

That was pretty fun, right? Fortunately, even Mirotic had a good attitude about getting burned on the Kemba Walker crossover. He tweeted this after the game:

Nikola Mirotic tweet kemba walker crossover

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