Monta Ellis Continues His Climb With This Game-Winning Buzzer Beater (Video)

Monta Ellis buzzer beater

Monta Ellis has proven to be quite an asset for the Dallas Mavericks. While Dirk and Parsons were the odds-on favorites to lead the team, it’s Monta Ellis who’s taken the initiative on several occasions and strapped the team to his back as he crosses the finish line.

For the second game in a row (the first being the previous night against the Bulls), Ellis found a sixth, seventh, and eighth gear in the waning moments of a close game to help his team take the lead. And it doesn’t get much more dramatic than it did last night, as Ellis, taking his sweet time after receiving the inbound pass, shot a fadeaway turnaround from near the top of the key as time expired to beat the Bucks.

Check it out:

Awesome? Awesome.

The play was reviewed as a matter of course, but it got quickly blessed and the Mavericks were already in the locker room when the bucket was affirmed.


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