Bears Fan Punches a Cowboy Fan Bathroom Line-Cutter (Video)

Bears fan

As this Bears fan shows us, not all violence is misplaced and pointless. Sometimes it makes perfect sense and serves the greater good. And if it just so happens to be directed at a fan of the opposing team, well then that’s just an added bonus. A Cowboys fan at Soldier Field took the liberty of bypassing the bathroom line, and a Bears fan called him out on it. Then, one of the other Bears fans in the vicinity┬ásocked him once he got a little mouthy with his accusers.

Here’s a video of justice being served….Chicago-style:


A video posted by @idabchicago on

It’s hard not to enjoy the “#lilbitch” hashtag, which only gets used under the most dire of circumstances. From this great Bears fan to bathroom line-cutters everywhere: You’re all little bitches, and you all deserve to be punched in the face until you’re saved by a bathroom attendant.

Truly, a fate worse than death.

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