Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Is the Dumbest Thing You’ll See This Year (Video)

Extreme Barbie Jeep racing

Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing isn’t a very clear name, so let us explain. It’s the RACING that’s extreme, not the BARBIES. In fact, there are no Barbies. There’s only grown men (man-children) driving little Barbie Jeeps in Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing. No, they don’t really fit. Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds. But it’s also plenty funny. And just as good a way to get some outdoor time as golf, and less bloody than hunting.

So feast your eyes on whatever the hell this is, and pray for a wreck:

It took place in Alabama, in case you didn’t just assume that already.

Of course, Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing is a pretty dumb prospect. But it’s also the best of everything we look for in racing. Pageantry, danger, crashes, little pink SUVs, off-roading, etc. So really, these guys are heroes and deserve our respect.

Nothing in that previous sentence is true.

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]

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