@JUMPMANBOSTIC: The Man Behind the “Basement Full of J’s”

JUMPMANBOSTIC Basement of the J's

Unless you’re a sneaker fanatic, you’ve probably never heard of Mark Bostic, but his story just might amaze you.

Known to many on the internet as @JUMPMANBOSTIC, this Detroit native owns what can only be described as the most ridiculous collection of Air Jordan sneakers known to man.  His basement, which he refers to as the “Basement of the J’s,” houses an incredible 845 pairs of Jordan sneakers—making the nickname “Basement Full of J’s” a perfectly appropriate one.

So how exactly does one man come to the decision that he is going to buy hundreds of pairs of Air Jordans and dedicate an entire basement to them?  You can read the entire story of @JUMPMANBOSTIC, and check out some awesome images of the “Basement Full of J’s,” at The Drop, here.

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