Luke Donald Gets Visited By a Baboon on a South African Golf Course (Video)

Luke Donald

Pro golfer Luke Donald went down to South Africa to find that, sometimes, stereotypes exist for a reason.

During the second round of the Nedbank Golf Challenge, Luke Donald was walking around the course (as golfers often do) when he was met by a passing baboon. This baboon wasn’t particularly threatening, nor was it particularly friendly. It was just passing through and didn’t have time for pleasantries for Luke Donald or any of the other tournament goers.

Here’s the video of the baboon, who we’ll call “Evan,” playing through as politely as a monkey knows how to:

Awesome. This is about as great as having a kangaroo posting up on a golf course in Australia, which we’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing.

If you ever want to make golf more of a television sport, sprinkle the course with baboons. If you ever want to make a golf tournament the most-watched sporting event in history, tape a bunch of bananas to the golfers before you do it.

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