Portland Trail Blazers Ford Blimp Crashes Into Stands During Game (Video + Pics)

portland trail blazers ford blimb crashes into stands

If you’ve been to an NBA or NHL game in the past decade, then you know most teams have a miniature remote-controlled arena blimp that flies around inside the arena dropping coupons and other swag on fans during intermissions. It’s all pretty fun, really. Especially for the person who gets to drive the blimp. Usually.

It was not so fun for the person driving the Portland Trail Blazers’ Ford blimp on Thursday night at the Moda Center. Because it crashed into the stands, killings dozens of fans.

No! Just kidding. No one was killed or injured. It’s basically just a giant, SUV-shaped balloon we’re talking about.

It was pretty hilarious, though. We don’t know whether the crash was the result of pilot error or a mechanical failure. But we do know they first tried to get the thing up from the lower bowl into the upper deck before finally shoving it through a tunnel into the concourse. And there are lots of amusing pics and videos.

We’ll start with a shot of what the Blazers’ Ford blimp is supposed to look like:

Now, here’s what it looked like last night:

Oh the humanity!

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