Watch a Rugby Slap Fight Escalate Into a Full-Fledge Rugby Brawl (Video)

rugby brawl

Rugby is, in my humble opinion, the most badass sport on earth. Don’t get me wrong, football players and hockey players are tough as nails. But they are not CRAZY like rugby players. They don’t go around crashing into each other without helmets, and you never see them doing stuff like this in a championship game.

All that said, the rugby brawl you’re about to see is unique precisely because it actually begins in the least badass way imaginable: with a slap fight.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no information as to what this is from. All we know is that the video was posted on Live Leak late last night and, according to the uploader, the fight broke out just one minute into the match.

Whoever it is and wherever it is from, though, it is pretty hilarious. I’ve never seen a rugby slap fight turn into a rugby brawl. So thank you for that, user Airline300.

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