Faulkner University Football Player Ryan Brooks Shot Dead During Attempted Burglary

Faulkner University Football Player Ryan Brooks

A Faulkner University football player was shot and killed on Wednesday during an attempted burglary. Freshman Ryan Brooks, who played on the junior varsity team, died after he was shot by a homeowner in what police are calling an act of self defense.

Police say Brooks attempted to rob the man’s home with three other students: Marshall Wall, Ronnie Williams, and Tobias Russell. Williams and Russell were also members of the football team, while Wall was a member of the school’s soccer team.

News of the shooting quickly spread among the 2400 students at Faulkner’s Montgomery, Alabama, campus, prompting school officials to hold a press conference.

“In its 72-year history, Faulkner University has never had a shooting involving a student,” university President Billy D. Hilyer told reporters. “The safety and well-being of our students is paramount at this university.”

Because Ryan Brooks was killed during the burglary, police are charging his alleged accomplices with murder.

Police have not yet disclosed a motive for the burglary. However, they have dismissed online rumors that the crime was part of a fraternity initiation.

“There is zero validity to that,” university spokesman Chris Kratzer said.

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