Tiger Woods Struggles: Former Best Golfer in the World Now Plays Like You and Me (Videos)

tiger woods struggles hero world challenge

Tiger Woods returned to competition on Thursday for the first time since July. It was an unmitigated, albeit hilarious, disaster.

The top-ranked golfer in the world just a year and a half ago, Tiger shot a 77 in the opening round of the Hero World Challenge—his own charity tournament—which puts him dead-last.

The source of the Tiger Woods struggles? Maybe his back still isn’t 100%. Maybe he’s rusty. Maybe he was nervous. Whatever the problem, it manifested itself in a truly horrible short game. Tiger flubbed not one, not two, not three, but FOUR chip shots yesterday.

Here he is on the 8th whole:

Here he is on the 15th:

Here he is on the 15th again, immediately after the last one:

And here he is on the 17th:

That’s how I play golf. Somebody give me a $50 million endorsement deal.

Hat Tip – [Business Insider]

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