Georgia OT Zach DeBell Broke Up Fight at Strip Club


Usually, when a college football player ventures into a strip club late at night, the story ends with punches being thrown, lines being crossed and charges being leveed at them that will haunted them for the rest of the season. This time, they exact scenario played out in Georgia except the part where the player receives actual charges.

University of Georgia OT Zach DeBell wandered into a strip club named Toppers (which sounds unproductive, but whatever) when a fight broke out between a dancer and one of his fellow customers. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, the customer Joseph William Kirkland exposed himself to the dancer during a private dance and when he refused to zip back up, a bouncer named Andrew Ho Kim attempted to remove him from the club. The two started brawling as Kim tried to forcibly remove Kirkland from the establishment. DeBell stepped in and literally picked up Kirkland and placed him on the sidewalk outside of the club. The bouncer punched Kirkland one more time after DeBell put him face down on the sidewalk.

Police arrested Kirkland and Ho Kim in connection with the incident on charges. Kirkland received two counts of public indecency and public intoxication. Ho Kim received two counts of battery and possession of marijuana. DeBell wasn’t arrested and won’t face charges for helping put an end to the fight. This is probably the first time in a long while that we’ve heard of a college athlete going to a strip club where something happened and he didn’t get in trouble. Is there some kind of HMVP (horniest most valuable player) ¬†the team could give him?

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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