Johnny Manziel Sideline Jersey Goes Up for Sale

Johnny Manziel sideline jersey

Johnny Football’s first foray into the big leagues hasn’t been a smooth one. He was drafted to the Cleveland Browns right out of college. Then he got shoved on to the sidelines, which must feel like being a backup dancer for Menudo. Even the sales of his official NFL jerseys have dipped to a new low. If this keeps up, he’s going to be known as the biggest and most overrated hype in football since Warner Bros. announced that director Oliver Stone was making a football movie.

The only big name merchandise he can move now are ones that remind people that he’s just the world’s most famous backup football player. Someone snagged the jersey that Manziel wore while he was sitting on the sidelines during the Browns’ recent squeaker of a win over the Atlanta Falcons and decided to put it up for sale. The sports collectible shop Fanatics Authentic is selling this Johnny Manziel sideline jersey for the rock bottom price of just over $6,200.

It will make a perfect Christmas gift for the football fan who’s not on a budget and likes collecting the sweat particles of famous athletes. For that kind of money, we hope they had the good sense not to wash it so that some lucky Manziel fan (or the few that are left) can clone their own future athlete who will also have to ride the bench for his first couple of seasons.

Hat Tip – [ESPN’s Darren Rovell]

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