Tiger Woods Threw Up on the Golf Course (Video)


There seems to be a bug going through the ranks of athletics today. First, a University of Arizona linebacker throws up on the ball in the middle of the game and now the world’s greatest golfer pukes up his guts all over the greens right in the middle of play.

Tiger Woods threw up while playing a charity tournament called the Hero World Challenge. It started at the morning tee where cameras caught up with a serious case of the dry heaves before moving out on to the course and unloading his lunch (or breakfast if you want to get technology) all over the fairway. His emergency evacuationĀ on the fairway happened after his ball landed 50 yards short of the green and his game has been a struggle to maintain greatness ever since. Even if he did upchuck his mojo, we really don’t want to see what he has to do in order to get it back inside of it at this point.

A Viner spotted Woods’ wheezy moments and turned them into a hilarious looped video of Woods wheezing out his guts on the fairway…

We’re not sure if a bug is going around that’s making all these athletes sick but it’s starting to scare us a little bit. Think about it. If a super-tuned, well oiled human machine like a football player or golfer can’t avoid being sick with all the vitamins, supplements and flax seed they inject on a daily basis, then what hope is there for the rest of us who have to settle for watered down NyQuil and constant buttocks clenching?

Hat Tip – [NESN]

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