Texans’ Andre Johnson Knocked Unconscious, Loses Helmet Following Hit vs. Jags (Video)

Andre Johnson knocked unconscious

Every football fan loves to see a good, hard smack during a game, but there are some that look so painful that it makes you thankful you weren’t cursed with the talent to become a professional football player. During today’s game between the Houston Texas and the Jacksonville Jaguars, we saw Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson knocked unconscious by one of those exact types of hits.

The Texas were closing in on the Jaguars’ end zone when Johnson ran a slant on the inside and caught the ball on the 4-yard line to earn his team a first down.  Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith, however, stopped him from getting a touchdown by rocking him with a huge, punishing, helmet-to-helmet hit. Johnson collided so hard with Smith that it knocked his helmet off and knocked him unconscious. The hit also knocked the ball loose causing a fumble, which the referees overturned while enforcing a 15-year penalty against Smith.

Worst of all, Johnson laid motionless on the field for some time before team medics removed him from the field and ultimately took him out of the game.

Here’s a look at the play that ended with Andre Johnson knocked unconscious:

Johnson later regained consciousness on the sidelines, but doctors determined that he suffered a concussion as a result of the hit and he stayed out for the remainder of the game. The Texans went on to beat the Jaguars 27-13.

It was pretty frightening to watch at home. If you looked at it out of the corner of your eye, it appeared that Smith hit Johnson hard enough to literally knock his head off. It’s scary because if such a thing were possible, we know it would take the NFL forever to pass a law protecting players against it.

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