Johnny Manziel on Hoyer Overthrow: “I Would’ve F-ing Hit Him” (Video)

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Johnny Manziel isn’t sitting by passively as Cleveland’s quarterback tipping point approaches at season’s end.

Word is that Brian Hoyer will walk as a free agent, and Manziel seems totally fine with that. In today’s frustrating one-point loss to the Colts, Brian Hoyer overthrew an open John Gordon. Then again, over the course of the game, Hoyer overthrew a lot of receivers. ┬áSo that in and of itself wasn’t remarkable.

What was of note was that, after overthrowing Josh Gordon on this pass below…


…Fox cut to Johnny Manziel on the sidelines, who was seen mumbling “I woulda f%*kin’ hit him” to no one in particular.

After seeing this a few times, I think it’s unlikely that Johnny Manziel is posturing for the cameras. This comment probably came out of frustration that comes from flirting with the starting job without sealing the deal.

However, as mentioned above, Hoyer is likely to bail on Cleveland at the season’s end. And it’s entirely believable that the petulant Johnny Football might be getting a little impatient.

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