Lions’ Joseph Fauria Celebrates Touchdown by Twerking (Video)

Joseph Fauria twerking

The National Football League has been criticized for going overboard with trying to prevent excessive celebrations on the field during games. Now we may have found a reason to be FOR those nitpicking rules and the NFL’s attempt to control parts of the game that have nothing to do with playing actual football.

Detroit Lions Tight End Joseph Fauria scored a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after catching a 10-yard pass that put his team up 27-10 in the closing seconds of the third quarter. So how did he express his joy over these six precious points? He celebrated his victory by “twerking” in the end zone.

Here’s a look at Fauria twerking following his touchdown reception:

FOX was so enamored by the end-zone dance that they showed a slow motion replay of it from another angle.

We’re sure that this is what the inventor of high definition cameras hoped it would always be used for someday:

Fauria is something of an end-zone victory dance artist. Just about every touchdown he scores is accompanied by a new end-zone dance that looks like he has a special choreographer who helps him think up new moves.  We’re just worried that resorting to “twerking” to celebrate a touchdown means he’s losing his touch and running out of original moves. Twerking is so 2013. Does this mean that we’ll soon see him doing “The Twist” or “The Robot” after he scores a touchdown?

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