21 Most Majestic Sports Unibrows of All Time

sports unibrows

Some people make fun of sports unibrows. However, I celebrate them, because it’s obvious that they give special powers to the athletes upon whose faces they reside.

Just look at Anthony Davis, who is having an MVP-calibre season. His success is obviously not just a fortunate combination of genetics and hard work. He would be nothing without that bird-like unibrow soaring majestically on his forehead. It’s the source of all his powers, just like Samson’s hair was the source of all his powers. The New Orleans Pelicans are just praying Davis doesn’t meet a Delilah who makes him wax that thing.

That said, Davis isn’t the only athlete who gets all his power from a unibrow. And to prove it, today we present to you the 21 most majestic sports unibrows of all time. Please, enjoy.


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