Andre Fluellen Breaks Out the ‘Hadouken’ Street Fighter Sack Dance (GIF)

Street fighter sack dance

A Street Fighter sack dance may not exactly be on the cutting edge of pop culture in 2014, but that just adds to its charm.  Considering most players now were somewhere between embryos and toddlers when that game came out, it’s nice to see that they know their history.

Take, for instance, Andre Fluellen. The Lions lineman notched a sack against the lackluster Tampa Bay Bucs, then broke out the “hadouken” fireball shooting move that the Internet tells me was utilized by a handful of characters, including the better known Ken and Ryu. There’s never a bad time for a Street Fighter sack dance.


It’s sad duty to report that Andre Fluellen just mimed shooting a fireball in his Street Fighter sack dance, and that he didn’t actually shoot a fireball from his hands. Though that would have definitely ranked among the most awesome celebrations in the history of sport.

Here’s the GIF:

Mortal Kombat sack dance

He really sells it. I’ve watched this a half-dozen times, and I’m still holding out hope that a fireball will appear, possibly cutting Josh McCown in half before Matthew Stafford screams “FINISH HIM” from the sidelines—at which point Andre Fluellen will rip McCown’s head and spine from his body, and hold it up to a wild applause from the Lions fans.

That got dark in a hurry, but it would still be pretty cool.

Also, I’m aware I used touchpoints from both Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat to construct that scenario. But I don’t care.

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