Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis Calls Johnny Manziel a Midget (Audio)

Marvin Lewis calls Johnny Manziel a midget

The Cincinnati Bengals don’t even know which quarterback they’ll be facing when they take on the Cleveland Browns in week 15, but that didn’t deter their head coach from taking a verbal jab at one of them on Monday.

As of Monday evening, it sounds like Johnny Manziel may finally get the nod, but earlier in the day during an interview with 1530 AM in Cincinnati, Marvin Lewis was asked whether or not the Browns’ quarterback uncertainty will impact the Bengals’ preparation for the game.  He didn’t seem to think so, admitting that there may be a little more movement with Manziel, before dropping this bomb on Johnny Football:

“It doesn’t impact you at all. You gotta go defend the offense. You don’t defend a player. Particularly a midget.”

Yeah, he went there.  You’d expect that sort of thing from a defensive back, but from a head coach?  Marvin Lewis better hope his team doesn’t let that midget crush their playoff hopes this Sunday.

And if you’re still having trouble believing those words came from the mouth of an NFL head coach (and who could blame you?), you can listen as Marvin Lewis calls Johnny Manziel a midget in the audio below:

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