Believe It or Not, Some Raiders Fans Got Violent at the Game Yesterday (Video)

Raiders fans

STOP THE PRESSES. There was some less-than-savory behavior among Raiders fans at yesterday’s Raiders-49ers game in Oakland. The 49ers fans, also known for kind of being jerks from time-to-time, got in a fight with the Raiders contingency. Bet you never would have seen that coming.

Take a look at the video. It looks like the 49ers fans, especially the guy getting pummeled, seem to be way out of their depth, surrounded by a LOT of black jerseys.

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At least Raiders fans helped the guy up at the end. If this was a Facebook post, we could spin that as “Some Fans Get In a Fight, but What Happens at the End Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity!!! LIKE-COMMENT-SHARE!!!”

But this isn’t Facebook, and helping a guy up after ganging up on a dude doesn’t exactly forgive your sins.

Also, after one guy gets helped up, the mob turns to another unfortunate 49ers fan, decking him, then throwing beer or some other liquid in his face.

All in all, another beautiful Sunday in Oakland.

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