Oblivious Referee Decked By Wide Receiver, Prevents Sure TD (GIF)

referee decked referee decked

Whoops! This referee had something of a snafu during this unidentified football game, likely a smaller college or high school playoff.

The zebra was hanging back from the line of scrimmage (way back, oddly), which you would think would give him a good vantage point for seeing the play develop. But apparently this dude was off chasing butterflies or something while a receiver and d-back came screaming towards him in pursuit of a deep pass. And the three parties all arrived in roughly the same place at the same time, which is pretty unfortunate.

Unfortunate because the receiver, keeping his eye on the ball, doesn’t see the referee in the way. And the referee, looking at nothing in particular, doesn’t see the troops heading his way.

Before we go any further, check out the GIF:


He stops an imminent touchdown, he gets knocked the f*ck over, and worst of all, he LOSES HIS HAT.

They say comedy=tragedy+time. Fortunately, it only took about .5 seconds for this tragedy to be hilarious.

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