Santa Clara Cops Use Force to Take Down Oregon Fan at Pac-12 Championship Game (Video)

santa clara cops use force to taken down oregon fan at pac-12 championship game

At the Pac-12 Championship Game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on Friday night, a hoard of four to seven Santa Clara cops used serious physical force to take out an uncooperative but nonviolent Oregon Ducks fan. And the whole thing was caught on video…except for whatever the fan did to piss off the cops in the first place.

According to the person who recorded and uploaded the video—to a Facebook post that has since been deleted—the man in the white Oregon shirt simply walked down the wrong path. This might be true. It might not be true. I wasn’t there, and I’m not calling the uploader a liar. But security was already asking the guy to leave when the video begins. Maybe he had been harassing someone and the guy shooting the video didn’t see that part. Maybe the cops were unnecessarily rude about something trivial and the guy in the white Oregon shirt was rude right back.

What we do know for sure is that the guy in the white Oregon shirt was saying “I need you to not f–king touch me,” that he absolutely refused to go with the cops, and when more of them came over to him, he resisted them.

That’s not to say he was violent. The man in the white Oregon shirt was not violent at all. He didn’t throw a single punch. But he would not leave. So the cops wrestled him to the ground, using batons and choke holds.

Take a look:

There has been a lot of public debate in recent weeks, given certain controversial grand jury decisions, about when police are justified in using force. This should add another log to that fire.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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