Check Out This 49ers-Raiders Chick Fight During Sunday’s Tailgate (Video)

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Chick fights can be awfully confusing sometimes.  And this 49ers-Raiders chick fight from Sunday’s tailgate prior to the game in Oakland is a perfect example of that.

At first it appears as though the fight is between two females wearing the jerseys of opposing teams.  But then, out of nowhere, one chick with a black t-shirt and zebra-print backpack starts wailing on another chick wearing a Raiders jersey.  That causes the first two girls with the opposing jerseys to turn their attention towards the chick with the backpack, as they take her down, help her up, and finally, pin her against a truck.

Confused?  Yeah, I am too after writing all of that.

I guess the simpler way would be to just watch the 49ers-Raiders chick fight for yourself:

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