Spurs Roll Out the Awkward Dad Dance Cam to Everyone’s Delight (Video)

Awkward Dad Dance Cam

The Awkward Dad Dance Cam is just what it sounds like, and I’m guessing that it will soon keep all thoseĀ kicking and screaming children from having to attend Spurs games with their families, lest they get completely mortified.

Awkward dad jokes, fashion, and other aspects have been on parade lately, so the Spurs figured, “Why not have these goofy guys who gave up being cool years ago start dancing like monkeys for us?”

Thus, the Awkward Dad Dance Cam was born and it’s pretty great. Anything that’s not some lame variant of the Kiss-Cam is fine by us.

Here’s the video:

Oh man! That’s pretty bad. Like 70% of the specimens are also doing the white man’s overbite while they dance.

This will be in anthropological museum one day. Until then, you’ll have to wait until you either find your way to a Spurs game, or your local team co-ops this idea, which should happen before you reach theĀ end of this article…

Time’s up.

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