Central Michigan Players Learn They’re Going to the Bahamas Bowl (Video)

Central michigan players

The Central Michigan players were presented a number of options for a bowl destination,¬†which is a nice surprise in and of itself. I mean, Central Michigan isn’t exactly Alabama, so having a few possibilities is a pretty good spot to be in.

And the coaches had a pretty awesome way of tell the Central Michigan players where they’re ending up. They did it pageant-style, dismissing one choice at a time until all that was left was Detroit and the Bahamas for the Popeyes Chicken Bahamas Bowl. I’m guessing that the Popeyes Chicken Bahamas Bowl also had Popeyes chicken there, which is another added benefit.

Watch the suspense-filled video:

Okay, that was pretty fun. But it would have been more fun if they had really built this thing up then revealed that the team was taking a 2.5-hour trip to Detroit for their bowl appearance.

“Sorry, guys. You didn’t play like a Bahamas-caliber team this year. Use this disappointment as motivation in the off-season.”

That would have been the Parcells approach and it would have been terrific.

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