Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder-Suicide on FaceTime

Floyd Mayweather witnessed murder-suicide Floyd Mayweather witnessed murder-suicide

The murder-suicide that saw rapper Earl Hayes shoot and kill his wife, Stephanie Moseley, before turning the gun on himself took an even uglier, unimaginable turn tonight when it was revealed that boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. witnessed the entire thing on FaceTime.

According to TMZ, Hayes called Floyd Mayweather in a rage after finding out his wife may have been cheating on him.  He told Floyd he was going to kill his wife, and despite pleas from Mayweather to calm down, he followed through with his promise and took his own life moments later.

Earl Hayes was a member of Floyd Mayweather’s “Money Team.”  He could often be found partying with the boxer and was even signed to his record label at one point in time.  As for Stephanie Moseley, she starred on VH1’s “Hit the Floor” and spent a lot of time as a backup dancer for singers like Chris Brown and Britney Spears.  She has also worked as a choreographer and dancer for The Twilight Saga, Sparkle, and Mirror Mirror.  According to some individuals connected with the couple, Hayes had accused Moseley of cheating on him with a famous singer.

It is not know exactly how much Mayweather saw, but it’s believed that he did in fact witness and hear the entire altercation.  Floyd has also stated that he is currently in a state of shock, having just watched one of his closest friends shoot and kill his wife and himself.

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