J.J. Watt South Park Character Will Be in the Holiday Special

J.J. Watt South Park

A J.J. Watt South Park character will be making an appearance in a star-studded episode of the vulgar cartoon. Not many details have been made available about the episode, aside from the title, which is “The Washington Redskins Go F*** Yourself Holiday Special.” Heartwarming.

The J.J. Watt South Park character might pale in comparison to the other send ups they’ve done in the past. And they’ve even got Al Pacino, Miley Cyrus, and hologram Michael Jackson lined up for this episode as well. That said, the J.J. Watt South Park character seems to be awfully fond of that horse.

Here’s the Tweet. Take in the glory:

I swear, this J.J. Watt kid is everywhere. He’s like a talented Tim Tebow.

It will be fun to watch the South Park guys have Kanye West and Newt Gingrich sodomize him, or whatever weird thing they’re certain to do.

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