Joseph Fauria Tweet: Lions Tight End Apologizes for Saying Russell Wilson Stole His Girl (Pic)

joseph fauria and erika hammond

Yesterday morning, it was looking like we had another NFL love triangle on our hands. Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria got on Twitter and basically accused Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson of stealing his hot beauty queen-turned-WWE Diva girlfriend, Erika Hammond. He even mentioned Brennan Clay and tagged the post #SprayTan just to make sure everybody knew what he was getting at.

Now, though, that Joseph Fauria tweet has been deleted. And in it’s place is an apology and a joke.

Here’s the original tweet, in case you missed it:

joe fauria tweet

And here is Fauria’s apology:

So that’s weird. I take it Fauria no longer believes Russell Wilson is nailing his girlfriend. Unfortunately we have no idea what led him to believe that in the first place.

So what do Russell Wilson and Erika Hammond have to say about all this? Absolutely nothing. Wilson has been tweeting inspirational quotes all day, because he’s an inspirational quotes kind of guy. And Hammond hasn’t said anything on social media since Sunday afternoon, when she posted this:

Can a relationship survive one person falsely accusing the other of cheating in front of the entire internet? Stay tuned to find out!

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