Seattle Superfan’s Seahawks Christmas Lights Display Is Insanely Awesome (Video)

seahawks christmas lights

If you still haven’t put up your Christmas lights this year, don’t bother. Once you see this stunning Seattle Seahawks Christmas lights display, you’ll probably just want to throw all your lights away.

I’m serious. You don’t have to be a Seahawks fan to appreciate it. The display is like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on steroids. And molly.

The video starts with a relatively humble tribute to the Supersonics, Mariners, and Washington Huskies. Then you get the giant Seahawks logo on top of the house, along with a Lombardi trophy and a 12 on the garage doors, and you think, hey, that’s cool. But the show is just getting started. Before you know it, the whole house is flashing and blinking in step with the NFL on Fox theme song, and your head is spinning.

If you have epilepsy, you probably shouldn’t watch this. You will probably have a seizure.

Everyone else, take a look:

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That is epic. Hopefully Santa isn’t a 49ers fan, though, or everybody who lives in that house will be getting a lump of coal on Christmas morning.

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