Water Bottle Fight Breaks Out Between Hockey Player and Fan (Video)

water bottle

At an LNAH game, a player taught the world that one great way of dealing with unruly hecklers is by throwing a water bottle at them. After Trois Rivieres forward Hubert Poulin threw the hydration device at the hockey fan, the fan, demonstrating player/fan equality, threw the water bottle right back at the player.

It was pretty great.

Adding to the awesomeness is the fact that the fan looked totally ready to fight the player (granted he was situated in the comfort of the stands, behind plexiglass) until it was recommended that maybe he exit the building. That’s a nice way of saying that he got kicked out by security.

Here’s the video. Enjoy the theatrics that only off-brand hockey can provide:

And let this serve as a lesson to fans of sports everywhere: If your team isn’t playing up to your standards, you can motivate them by chucking water bottles at their heads. It’s a victimless crime!

(Don’t do that.)

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