17 Hottest New Sports WAGs of 2014

ariel meredith hottest new sports wags 2014

In case you had not noticed, 2014 has been a terrific year for sports WAGs.

Don’t get me wrong. Wealthy, good-looking, young men don’t typically struggle to find gorgeous female companionship. In fact, such companionship is probably the number one perk of being wealthy, good-looking, and young. And it’s pretty much the only reason anyone wants to be a pro athlete.

Nevertheless, the women who entered into WAGdom this year are simply off the charts. We had one of the greatest influxes of hot new WAGs we’ve ever seen. And today we’re going do a little retrospective. Like one of those in memorium segments they do on awards shows, only in reverse.

Before we get started, though, a word of who qualifies as new. Basically, for our purposes here, WAGs are classified as “new” if (a) they started dating an athlete in the calendar year 2014, or (b) their significant other turned pro in 2014, or (c) a previously unknown/unconfirmed relationship was widely discovered/made official in 2014.

In other words, “new” doesn’t necessarily mean new new. It just means new to us.

Got it? Good. Now, on with the hottest new sports WAGs of 2014…

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