Here’s Our First Look at The CFB Championship Ring (Pic)

CFB Championship Ring

The CFB championship ring commemorates a new era in college football. One that’s shaping up to be no less controversial, but still, a new era nonetheless. And with that new era comes a new gaudy piece of jewelry to bestow among whichever sketchy football program emerges victorious from the four-team playoff we’ll see in early 2015.

Here’s the Tweet. Behold the glory:

Jostens is the same company that makes those high school and college class rings that people who have cell phone holsters still wear.

All in all, it’s…fine. A tasteful CFB championship ring would be pretty bizarre, so I guess you can’t fault this for being a little busy.

And in case you don’t know what washed-up athlete punched you at the bar, you can just take a look at the imprint on your forehead, and you’ll see it’s a little art deco football.

Overall Grade: B+

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