Another Day, Another Crossfit Injury. This Time It’s a Groin (Video)

Crossfit injury

Every time we see a video or hear a story of a Crossfit injury, it becomes pretty clear that people shouldn’t be running around, chucking tires against walls and lifting SmartCars over their heads…Or whatever the hell it is that Crossfit people do.

Adding to that mounting pile of evidence is today’s exhibit: a video of a man suffering a Crossfit injury to his groin.

Ok. “Groin” isn’t anatomically correct. He smashes his manhood against a plywood box while trying to jump over it. There may have been some testicular damage incurred as well. I don’t know. I’m not a doctor.

Here’s the video:

The best part, aside from the failed jump itself, is the man’s resignation as he lies atop the box, genitals presumably mutilated beyond repair or hope. He sits there, as if to say, “This is my life now. Laying atop a plyometrics box, sterile and in agony.”

Don’t try to tell me that Crossfit is safe if you do it correctly. If it was safe, then that woman wouldn’t be so blasĂ© about walking over to see this Crossfit injury, and that particular stop on the circuit wouldn’t have “DICK SMASHER” stenciled on the side in military letters (I’m guessing.).

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