Fox 8 Sends Little Person to Marvin Lewis Press Conference after Johnny Manziel Midget Comments (Video)

Johnny Manziel midget

Marvin Lewis’ “Johnny Manziel midget” comments were pretty well-documented on Tuesday after he referred to the Browns’ former┬ábackup, soon-to-be-starter as such in a radio interview. So, to have a little fun with the Bengals coach, Fox News Cleveland sent a little person to sit in the front row of today’s press conference ahead of Sunday’s battle between Cleveland and Cincinnati.

I’m sure this can be sliced and diced to be found offensive on a couple different levels, but…it’s also pretty funny.

The Johnny Manziel midget remarks were pretty funny considering they’re coming from a head coach, and they’re even funnier now considering the midget in question will be starting Sunday’s crucial contest.

Here’s the video:

Lil’ John Rinaldi asks @Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis about the challenges of preparing to face @officialbrowns and new QB @jmanziel2 @fox8newscleveland @fox8sports

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At the risk of being really offensive, maybe this little person could bring the Browns some good luck as they sit behind a half-dozen other teams for an AFC playoff spot.

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