Johnny Manziel Birthday Cake Is Two Bags of Money That Cost $600 (Pic)

Johnny Manziel birthday cake

Johnny Football turned a very youthful 22-years-old on Saturday.  So how did the newly appointed Cleveland Browns starting quarterback celebrate? With a giant Johnny Manziel birthday cake, of course!

Of course, eating cake probably isn’t the only thing Manziel did to celebrate his birthday, but it was probably the most noteworthy takeaway from the celebration.  That’s partly because we haven’t heard any news of a late night brawl between Johnny’s entourage and a drunken fan at a hotel lobby yet.  But it’s also because the cake in question was two bags of money that weighed an unbelievable 45 pounds and carried a price tag of $600.

So what does a 45-pound, $600 cake look like?  You can find out by checking out the images of the Johnny Manziel birthday cake situated above this writing, as well as in the tweet below:


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