Navy Gets Sharp Special Edition “DONT TREAD ON ME” Uniforms for Army Game (Pics)

underarmour unveils custom dont tread on me navy uniforms for army game

When Navy plays Army for the 115th time on Saturday, the Midshipmen will be wearing some pretty sweet special “DONT TREAD ON ME” uniforms designed by Under Armour.

The inspiration for the new threads is the Navy’s “First Navy Jack,” which is the flag that flies on all Navy ships. It has red and white stripes, a rattlesnake, and the words “DONT TREAD ON ME.” (Why don’t they just fly the American flag, you ask? It’s complicated. I looked it up on Wikipedia and I still don’t fully understand it.)

dont tread on me first navy jack

The “DONT TREAD ON ME” Navy uniforms have the slogan embroidered on the hems of the shirts, the sides of the pants, and the right sleeves of the undershirts. Meanwhile, 13 red and white stripes are featured on the shoulders, the knees, the palms of the gloves, the undershirts, and the socks.

Then there’s the rattlesnake. It is featured on the shoulders and, most prominently, in the helmet’s N log.

Take a look:

underarmour unveils custom navy uniforms for army game

dont tread on me navy uniforms

Finally, a patriotic uniform that’s not completely over-the-top ridiculous. However, what makes uniforms like this unique is the slogan. You see, according to NCAA rules, slogans are not allowed on football uniforms…with one exception: service schools.

Navy and Under Armour are taking full advantage of that exception.

Hat Tip – [Navy via @PhilHecken]

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