Check Out the New NFL Personal Conduct Policy Flow Chart (Pic)

Roger Goodell New NFL Personal Conduct Policy Flow Chart

During league meetings today in Dallas, the NFL and it’s owners announced the passing of a new NFL Personal Conduct Policy, which is appropriately accompanied by an NFL Personal Conduct Policy Flow Chart.

The league’s owners unanimously approved the new policy that was revised by the league.  As for the NFLPA, they hadn’t even seen the new policy until it was announced.

How could they allow such a thing to happen?  Simple.  They bargained away their right to do anything about it in their latest collective bargaining agreement. However, the players association does have the right to look over the policy and file for a “system arbitration” proceeding if they feel any terms of the deal “potentially constitute topics that would be mandatory subjects of collective bargaining,” according to ProFootballTalk.

As for the deal itself, it states that the league will be allowed to investigate matters themselves, rather than having to defer to the decisions of the criminal justice system.  It also states that there will be a committee of nine owners overlooking the personal conduct policy, six-game suspensions will be handed down to those involved in cases of domestic violence and sexual assault, and any player formally charged with a violent crime will be suspended with pay.

To help clarify that, along with all of the other changes to the policy, we recommend you check out the new NFL Personal Conduct Policy Flow Chart below.  And you can read the full policy here.

New NFL Personal Conduct Policy Flow Chart pic

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