15 Athletes on Santa’s Naughty List in 2014

athletes on santa's naughty list

Santa is still in the final stages of putting together his naughty list for 2014. However, every year our insider sources at the North Pole give us the inside scoop as to which sports personalities will be getting a lump of coal from jolly old St. Nick. And today we’re sharing that intelligence with you.

Of course, this year there happens to be an unusually high number athletes on Santa’s naughty list, with misdeeds ranging from mild to severe. So today’s list certainly is not comprehensive. Instead, it’s just the names on Santa’s naughty list that really jump out at you when you see them. In fact, I’m sure you can probably guess who some of them are. (Ray Rice, anyone?)

You probably couldn’t guess all of them though. So enough stalling. Let’s get started and see the other big sports names who top Santa’s naughty list in 2014…


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