This Cory Jefferson Airball is the Sadest Airball Ever (Video)

Cory Jefferson airball

This Cory Jefferson airball will make you want to cry.  Those tears will either be the result of extreme laughter, or deep sadness.  Most likely the latter.

What’s so sad about the Cory Jefferson airball from Wednesday night’s game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls?  Everything!  The form. The release. The end result.  It’s all just so sad.

Feel like sharing in the sorrow of the Nets’ rookie?  You can watch Cory Jefferson’s hideous airball in the video below:

It wasn’t all bad for Jefferson on the evening.  He would make two of his other five field-goal attempts (none of them threes), adding four rebounds and a block.  But his Nets sure could have used that missed three-point attempt…and several others.  They wound up losing by 25.

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