Georgetown Mascot Skateboards Across Court, Looking Confused (Video)

Georgetown mascot skateboards

For no particular reason, other than “it exists,” we’re pleased to give you a quick clip in which the Georgetown mascot skateboards across the court at the Verizon Center.

Is this newsworthy? Absolutely. Any time the Georgetown mascot skateboards across ANYTHING, we drop what we’re doing and move to report it as quickly as possible.

The bulldog’s name is Jack. Jack seems to be pretty indifferent about skateboarding. I mean, he doesn’t seem to hate it, but it doesn’t seem to please him, either.

Watch the clip of ole’ Jackie shredding up with some sick ollies and kickflips below:

Completely and totally radical.

I’m sure any minute now, the people who made this video, the Verizon Center for hosting it, and you for watching it, will all be getting angry letters from PETA about letting Jack skateboard without a doggy helmet. That’s just the price of doing business, I guess.

And now, a little something sports related: The 5-2 Hoyas are hosting the 6-1 Jayhawks tonight and are currently on a 33-game win streak at the Verizon Center. Boom. Done.

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