This Insane Cheerleading Routine Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

Check it out:

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Is cheerleading a sport? Well, when it involves standing on the sidelines of a football game and clapping in unison, no. But when it involves incredible, out-of-this world gymnastics skills, yes. Definitely, yes.

Want to see an example of cheerleading as a sport? Check out this insane cheerleading routine by a cheerleading superstar named Angel Rice. It’s from an aerial sports competition called The All Star Games, which was actually eight months ago. But we’re just seeing it now, and it’s too good not to show you.

The funny thing is, at first you just think, okay, what’s the big deal? She’s just tumbling. Tons of people do that all the time. But then Angel Rice just keeps going, and going, and going, and all the double-twists and flips just keep adding up.

Then you’re like, holy sh*t.

So yeah, I’d say that’s a sport.

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