Rajon Rondo Elbowed Lance Stephenson, Who May Have Flopped (Video)

Rajon Rondo elbowed Lance Stephenson

During Wednesday night’s game between the Celtics and the Hornets in Charlotte, Rajon Rondo elbowed Lance Stephenson.  There’s no denying it.  The video proves it.

But what the video also proves is that Stephenson may have flopped on the play in an effort to get a call.

No surprise there.  This is Lance Stephenson we’re talking about.

Check it out:

And this happened moments after Rajon Rondo elbowed Lance Stephenson:

Both players received technical fouls on the play, and rightfully so.  Although, Rondo didn’t seem to think he did enough to knock Lance down and get T’d up.  He had the following to say after the game:

“He weighs about 60 more pounds than me, but that’s part of his game…I am strong. But I don’t think I was that strong on that play in particular to knock him down.”

In the end, both players would learn to play nice and completed the game—which the Hornets won—without any further incident.


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