Slap Shot to the Groin Leaves Columbus’ Dalton Prout in Pain (GIF)

slap shot to the groin

Please be aware that when a headline says, “slap shot to the groin,” what it really means is to the balls. Technically, “slap shot to the groin” means a slap shot that found its way anywhere between the abdomen and the thighs. But In reporting, it’s just a slightly more medical and palatable way of saying “to the balls.”

Don’t believe me? Just ask the Columbus Blue Jackets Dalton Prout, as soon as he’s able to start talking again. The defenseman put himself between a bullet and a target and got hit by a Zac Rinaldo slap shot in “the groin.” He fell over and had to be escorted off the ice by a ref. Fortunately, he was able to make his way back into the game later on.

Here’s the play:

slap shot to the groin

Okay, the ref didn’t actually look too helpful in that GIF. He just sort of helped shove Prout off the ice, as if to say, “This area is for men whose testicles AREN’T bleeding. See ya!”

I’m sure Prout is sitting in a tub of ice somewhere right now, wondering whatever happened to the art of a well-placed wrist shot.


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