Fox NFL Broadcast Map Before and After Johnny Manziel Named Starter (Pics)

Johnny Manziel Fox NFL Broadcast map

Now that Johnny Manziel has officially been announced as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, are all of us football fans suddenly supposed to ignore our fantasy teams, throw away our previous allegiances to all other teams, and simply focus on Johnny Football‘s first start against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 15?  The NFL on FOX seems to think so, as evidenced by the before and after images of the Fox NFL Broadcast map.

First, there’s the Fox NFL Broadcast map that was released prior to the announcement that Manziel would be starting over Brian Hoyer:

Johnny Manziel Fox NFL Broadcast map 1

And here’s what happened after the people at Fox caught wind of the quarterback change in Cleveland:

Johnny Manziel Fox NFL Broadcast map 2

Now, in all fairness, there’s not much else out there for Fox to show us on Sunday at 1pm.  They do have the rights to the Packers-Bills game, but the AFC North battle between the Browns and Bengals seems to have the most playoff implications of the four choices, and Johnny Football only sweetens the pot.

So if you were hoping to see Johnny Manziel’s first start this upcoming Sunday, chances are Fox now has you covered.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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