Kobe Bryant Cusses Out Teammates and GM Mitch Kupchak in Practice (Video)

Kobe cusses

Kobe Bryant cusses a lot. He’s been documented doing it at opposing players (Dwight Howard), and he’s been caught doing it to his own teammates. But apparently he’s evolved even further into a curmudgeonly, past-his-prime player, because in this video, he’s doing it at his own GM, regarding his teammates.

What a leader.

In this video, Kobe Bryant can be heard yelling “Y’all motherf*ckers ain’t doin’ sh*t for me,” towards GM Mitch Kupchak. It’s hard to tell who he’s referring to and when, but it’s safe to assume that Kobe is just mad at everyone.

I’m surprised he hasn’t stormed out of a meeting with Barack Obama at this point. Maybe he has. It would certainly be in character.

Here’s the video. Not sure who was videotaping Lakers practice with a camera phone, but we’re happy they did:

I know this is tantamount to battered wife syndrome, but why the hell is Mitch Kupchak putting up with this at this stage in Kobe’s career and the Lakers’ arc? It’s not like they’re a few pieces away from turning it around. And Kupchak has always thought of Kobe as a friend.

Perhaps the video isn’t as damning as it would seem. Or maybe Kupchak just can’t let go of the Kobe Bryant he fell in love with.

That Kobe’s gone, Mitch. That Kobe’s gone. And he’s never coming back.


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