Olivia Munn Talks Sex With Aaron Rodgers. Yuck. (Video)

Olivia Munn talks sex Olivia Munn talks sex

We all want to see a show in which the theme is “Olivia Munn talks sex.”

None of us would want to watch it if she’s specifically talking about Aaron Rodgers.

But, that’s who she’s dating, so that explains why Olivia Munn was talking about her sex life with Aaron Rodgers on some show called Plead the Fifth.  That title is very apt, because discussing having sex with Aaron Rodgers should be a crime.

In this interview with Padma Lakshmi, Munn informed the world that they don’t have sex before games, but sometimes after depending on how late the game is.  That makes sense, because one look at Aaron Rodgers and you can tell that he’s a guy who needs some sleep.

We also learn that Rodgers’ favorite sex position is “flowering lotus,” and he can’t perform without a strong scent of lavender in the room.

Ok. Neither of those things are true, but now you’re thinking about them, which makes me happy.

It’s all pretty tame, thankfully, so don’t be afraid to get a little more familiar with how and when Aaron Rodgers likes to bang Olivia Munn. It’s all right here:

I’m gonna hit myself in the head with a hammer now.

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