Urban Meyer’s Wife Sets Her Hair on Fire on Her Birthday (Pic)

Urban Meyer's wife hair fire

When it’s a slow day, the sports Gods let us know that Urban Meyer’s wife has done something vaguely newsworthy. But definitely hilarious.

While making a wish and blowing out a fire on some sort of flaming sea creature or something, Shelley Meyer caught her hair on fire.

Unfortunately, there’s no video, but there are a series of pictures that, if you stacked them up and flipped through them quickly, would sort if look like a crappy movie. Unfortunately, though, this is an Internet site, so you’ll have to go down to a Kinko’s to print the pics if you want the live action version of Urban Meyer’s wife practicing some self-immolation. Maybe she was secretly protesting the persecution of Buddhists, like this guy.  Or she just uses too much hairspray.

Here’s a tweet of the incident from Shelby Meyer’s twitter account:

Urban Meyer's wife hair fire tweet

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