Jets-Titans Brawl After Geno Smith Gets Punched in the Face (Video)

Jets-Titans brawl

The only thing that would make a game between two teams as bad as the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets even remotely interesting is a Jets-Titans brawl.  And luckily for us, today’s game between the two teams in Nashville just so happened to have a Jets-Titans brawl.

The fight broke out following a long pass play from Geno Smith to Eric Decker in the third quarter, which was originally called a touchdown but eventually overturned after replays showed Decker stepped out at the Titans’ 33-yard line.  Following the play, Smith was seen jawing with several Titans players before one of them, defensive end Jurrell Casey, punched him in the head:

That got the attention of several Jets players, who quickly rushed to their quarterback’s aid.  And soon enough, a Jets-Titans brawl had broken out.

You can watch it all unfold in the video below:

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